Teen Sports


It’s no secret that kids are a ball of energy. Why not encourage them to channel that energy into a sport? Not only are sports a great way to keep your kids occupied, but they also have other benefits. 

Studies show that participating in sports boosts self-esteem and improve social skills. Also, female high school athletes who were involved in sports were 92 percent less likely to do drugs and three times more likely to graduate.

It’s not too late to put your child on the road to success. Here’s a list of the best youth sports in Houston.

1.i9 Sports

This youth sports program serves children from ages three years old to 17. The programs at i9 Sports are designed to reinforce positive attributes like good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Children enrolled in i9 Sports will learn new skills weekly that will help them succeed on and off the field.I9 Sports offers an array of programs. Some of them include flag football, soccer, basketball, and baseball.

2. Houston Parks and Recreation Department

The youth leagues at the Parks and Recreation Department offer free sports fun for children of all ages. The staff members are certified and provide well-supervised coaching. Your children can participate in sports like golf, aquatics, baseball, tennis, track, or soccer. 

Houston Parks Recreation not only provides an area to play and practice sports, but it offers enrichment programs as well. For instance, the Athletes Seeking Knowledge gives scholarships and other resources to help youth athletes succeed academically. 

3. YMCA Youth Sports 

YMCA is known for offering sports fun for the whole family. This youth sports facility focuses on building character over winning. The Y also encourages parents to join in on the fun and volunteer by becoming a team parent. 

As for sports offerings, some programs include NFL flag football, softball, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. 

4. Little League Baseball

No list of youth sports in Houston would be complete without mentioning Little League Baseball. This youth baseball and softball program is known worldwide, and quite a few famous baseball players got their start in the Little League. 

Little League teaches kids the baseball and helps them develop discipline. What makes this sports program different from the others mentioned in this list is their coaching style. Little League coaches emphasize attaining a high level of physical fitness.

5.Houston Youth Sports Association

This non-profit organization offers sports for youth from ages four to eighteen. The Houston Youth Sports Association is geared towards those who have trouble accessing other sports leagues. Some of their offerings include cheerleading, baseball, basketball, softball, tennis, and soccer.

Join Youth Sports in Houston!

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