Importance of Tutoring Students

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It’s that time of year! The start of a new fall school semester means one thing for sure – tutors are looking for students to help. Even though the first quiz hasn’t popped and midterms are months away, getting a tutor at the start of the semester is a good idea. That way students stay ahead rather than falling behind and having to play catch up. It’s especially important for student-athletes that will get busier as the sports season progresses.

Tutoring has plenty of other advantages beyond staying ahead of the curve. Fitness trainers are equally important now that more schools are cutting physical education classes. Physical education may not be on a standardized test, but it provides the same benefits of tutoring during and after school. The trainers at Optimal Sports Performance can be your personal health tutors that help prepare the mind and body for learning.

Keep reading for a look at why tutors and trainers are worth every penny.

Personalized Teaching Experience

Teachers are a single person trying to teach 20-something kids in a class. Each of those kids has individual needs, but no teacher has time to give each student individual attention every day. But a tutor’s job is to do just that.

A tutor takes time to learn about their student’s preferences and hurdles to learning. They are able to approach teaching in a very personalized way that can make a huge difference. Need to have things explained in a certain way? Want to go over things multiple times for retention? Are you a visual learner? With a tutor, teaching is personalized to how the student learns best.

The same is true for improving physical fitness. Kids today are plagued by health problems that can be difficult to overcome and are distractions in the classroom. A trainer can customize workouts and daily diet plans to address a student’s personal health needs that aren’t met with generic solutions.

Expert Instruction

Teachers are highly experienced professionals that make a difference in kids’ lives and know how to teach their curriculum better than anyone. But sometimes they aren’t actual subject matter experts like a tutor. Having a person who knows every facet of a subject is a real benefit. Plus, subject matter experts tend to be passionate about the topic at hand, which can help students be more enthusiastic about what they’re learning.

Expertise is a huge advantage in physical education. An experienced trainer knows how to push past plateaus, explain complex conditioning concepts and build strength so that injuries are avoided. Physical educators that don’t know what they’re doing could actually cause an injury.

More Time to Internalize Information

Tutoring sessions are like an extension of the school day. It gives students more time to soak up the information and learn. For many kids, that extra time is all they need to go from getting average grades to excelling.

Working with a trainer gets kids to prioritize physical fitness. When they are working with a trainer they’ll take the time to get fit and stay fit because someone is holding them accountable. Even though kids today have busy schedules, physical activity is worth making time for because it helps create healthy habits for life.

Learn at Your Own Pace

In addition to getting more time to study a subject, students that are tutored are able to learn at their own pace. Sometimes things just move a little too fast in the classroom, or instruction goes so slow the student loses focus. Having a tutor is kind of like the story, Goldie Locks. The tutor will figure out a learning pace that’s just right.

Trainers do the same thing for physical fitness. They figure out what works with the individual client to get them interested and the right pace for improving fitness. You won’t find that same kind of attention in a P.E. class.

Tutors Can Identify Learning Problems

As noted above, teachers have a lot of students that they are helping every day. They do their best to identify when a student is having difficulty keeping up, but sometimes problems go unnoticed. The one-on-one attention of a tutor can catch learning problems or disabilities that may be holding a student back. There are also tutors that specialize in teaching students with conditions like dyslexia and ADHD. These tutors make a huge difference in helping the student not only get better grades but learn techniques for managing and overcoming their disability.

In the same way that tutors identify learning problems, trainers identify physical fitness obstacles. A good trainer can help athletes figure out what’s working and what’s not so that they meet and exceed their fitness goals.

It Can Change a Student’s Attitude and Perception About School

It’s hard to be enthusiastic about something you think you aren’t good at or requires a lot of work with little gain. If a kid is struggling in class this is how they perceive school. A tutor can turn that around by making learning fun and offering consistent encouragement. As the student’s grades improve so will their attitude about school.

If there’s one thing that many students need an attitude adjustment about it’s physical fitness. When lifting a remote is the extent of physical activity it’s time for a personal trainer who can win over a student and completely change their perception about working out.

Tutoring Gives Students More Control

Classrooms are very structured environments where students have little to no autonomy. Tutoring provides more control over the learning process. Students have the ability to ask as many questions as they want and take initiative during the learning process. Tutoring can also encourage students to create their own homework schedules and take more personal responsibility for their studies.

There’s no control like having control over your physical fitness. For kids that aren’t physically active, that can seem like an impossibility. Trainers can give students the tools to take control and take ownership of their physicality, strength and health.

Why Tutoring is a Healthy Practice for Students of All Ages

The benefits of tutoring go well beyond making better grades. By helping students perform better in school, tutors are giving kids the foundation and building blocks they need for a healthier, happier future.

Tutoring Can Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Doing better in school isn’t just about boosting grades. It can also help build a student’s confidence, which has a reciprocal effect. Studies have found that confidence helps students with academic achievement, particularly with subjects like math. 

More confidence and self-esteem also helps outside of the classroom. Kids with confidence feel more capable and have a growth mindset. They are more willing to take on challenges and don’t let setbacks or failure on the first try keep them from going after goals. In the book Your Child’s Self Esteem author and school psychologist Dorothy Briggs states, “self-esteem is the mainspring that slates every child for success or failure as a human being.” For some students that need a little extra instruction, tutoring can be the pivotal turning point that sets them on a successful path.

Tutoring Lowers Stress

Many parents don’t understand the overwhelming amount of stress some kids feel in regards to school performance. It’s gotten so bad Generation Z has been nicknamed Generation Stress. A study from the Better Sleep Council found the biggest stressor was homework. Parental expectations and low self-esteem are two of the other top stressors.

All three of these stressors can be reduced with tutoring. As noted above, improving academic performance can help a student build their confidence and self-esteem. Improved performance also helps kids meet those parental expectations that they are so concerned about. While we can’t control how much homework is assigned, a tutor can help a student manage the workload and better understanding of the subject matter makes homework less daunting.

Our professional trainers help adult and student-athletes improve their physical fitness through customized training sessions and advice on following a diet that fuels your body for workouts and study sessions.

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